Effeclean Eco Baby Hardwood Floor Cleaner

A clean home makes me happy. Actually my O.C.D. is house cleaning. Over the years I have tried many different types of cleaning products. I am always interested in finding a safe way to clean my house. I have even been researching ways to make my own cleaning products.

There was a time when “natural” was not natural. You cannot always believe what you see or hear. I have researched the ingredients in EFFECLEAN Ecobaby hardwood floor cleaner and I feel confident enough to use this product and have my grandchildren and pets play on the floor. The ingredients do not contain chemicals that cause eye and lung irritation or liver and other organ damage. I personally have lost a cat to a household cleaner a while back. The product contained anti-freezer (without me knowing) and as I sprayed the floor with this product, my cat would usually walk behind me and sit and clean her paws. It was a short time after using this product that my cat died. She had seizures and failure to her organs. It was the vet that opened my eyes to what is in cleaning products. With Effeclean I feel safe to use this product.

When I first tried the Ecobaby hardwood floor cleaner, I thought I was using only water. There was no smell, no residue. As I used the hardwood floor cleaner I wondered if it would ruin the shine on my floors. I noticed a few spots on my floor that were hard to get off with my other cleaner but when I used the Ecobaby hardwood floor cleaner the spots came off nicely. I did not have to scrub. After cleaning I stood back and looked at the shine and was happy to see the shine was still there. When I walked on the floors they felt almost new again. They had that clean feeling to them.

I like the fact that even the bottle is recyclable. I will not feel like I am leaving chemicals in our land fill. There is no Phosphates, Alcohol, Chlorine, Ammonia or VOC’S in the product.

As your baby grows you will notice most of the baby’s time is spent on the floor, learning to crawl, learning to walk, falling down and using their hands to stop from hitting the floor. Those little hands go right to the mouth; you can only imagine the chemicals going in the baby’s mouth. I will be using Effeclean Eco Baby Cleaners from now on. I am expecting my fifth grandchild in February and I will feel confident to let him crawl on my floors.

Yesterday one of my small dogs had the diarrhea. She uses a puppy pad (usually lol). She used her pad but also she went in the hall way and a few other spots in the house. I had thought I got it all but the next morning when I went in the other room I noticed some diarrhea I missed. It had sat over night. I thought here is a great opportunity to put the Effeclean hardwood floor cleaner to work, and to my surprise I sprayed it a few times and I only had to wipe it a few times and the stain was gone. There was no scrubbing to remove the stain. Just spray and wipe without pressure and it was gone. AMAZING! My dog has had the diarrhea before and I have had to scrub the spot with a brush to get it off completely, but not with this product.

Wtg Effeclean, love your product. Thank you for making a safe product that really works. Elaine.

Elaine Bolduc
Email: bolduc.elaine@yahoo.ca
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elainebolduc1

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