Green Products: Why should you care?

It seems that you can’t go one day without hearing green this or green that. What does this mean? Why should you care? And how does this “green” word affect you? Some Green label products are manufactured from renewable, naturally occurring vegetable oils and fats such as coconut, and palm, plus renewable agricultural resources such as corn and soybeans such as Effeclean Green Label Product Line. These products are specifically designed to help reduce the damaging effects of toxic chemical releases into the environment. How bad can the effect of toxic chemicals be? Adding 15 liters of hydrochloric acid to a 100 000 liter lake can change the pH so much that it can kill all life in the lake. So imagine after your home cleaning, the chemicals get washed out into our environment; they have the potential to do extreme damage. However, using a product like Effeclean Green label Floor Cleaner, you are saving money, safe to use, safe for the environment and it leaves no toxic residues and can be used on all finish floor types including, Marble, Tile, Granite, Hardwood, Concrete, Vinyl and you don’t have to worry about harmful voc’s.

Green Label products are designed at the chemical level to help solve this problem. Green products are made from sources that are natural and non-toxic. This helps maintain a safe, constant pH in the water we drink and the water that is cycled in the environment. Green label products are also designed to be water soluble, meaning that that the cleaning agents break down in water to their constitutive parts; decreasing all harmful effects.

Effeclean Canada in particular takes pride in offering green label products to the Consumer, Commercial and Industrial market. Effeclean Green Label Products are manufactured by certified, registered, or licensedby: California State Water Resources Control Board, EPA DfE (Design for Environment), USDA Bio-Preferred Program, which makes the Green Label products safe to use and safe for the environment. Effeclean Green label products are, Chlorine free, Ammonia free, Nitrogen free, Phosphate Free, V.O.C Free, Petroleum Distillates free, Petroleum Base Solvents free, Toxin free and the products will cut through dirt and grime better than most.

It is important for yourself, others and the environment that you do your part in using green label products. Switching to the use of these types of products allows you to do your part for a safer, cleaner future.

Matthew Swash, Biotechnology Student
McMaster University – Ontario, Canada

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