Private Branding

The Future of Sustainable Retail is Self Branding!

Your brand is more than a name, its who you are. Its transforming who you are to be the best version of your goal. Don’t be overshadowed by your competitors. Effeclean is proud to be chosen by some of Canada’s most reputable companies in their industry to manufacturer their line of cleaners.



Retailers in Canada are now becoming increasingly established as brands themselves. This has resulted in a growing shift in the way consumers build trust in a brand.

Profit Margin

Greater freedom with pricing strategy forvretailers, margins on private label goods are an average of 10% higher than those on similar branded products.

Brand Loyalty

National brands are sold all over, so there’s no real sense of brand loyalty in terms of where consumers buy them. Because private labels are unique to one retail chain, there is the possibility for retailers to cultivate a sense of brand loyalty. This can give retailers a significant advantage over competitors.


It is the only way to be able to market high quality locally made products. We use only high grade raw materials. Our formulations are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. That’s why we are one of the few Canadian companies that meet and exceeds the standards of the European Union.


You have no competition for the brand of products that you carry. With your exclusive brand you can you can sell the mystique as well as the real quality of your products, enabling you to achieve a higher average selling price and position you better in a tight economy.

Made in Canada

The made-in-Canada branding works as a marketing tool because it shows good will towards Canadian workers and makes products stand out to more discerning consumers. Locally made products adhere to very strict and stringent federal, provincial and municipal laws, thus ensuring superior quality.

Effeclean Canada can help you further develop your brand with our private branding program.