Hear from some of our satisfied customers
“The Hardwood Floor Cleaner is now my go to product when it comes to my precious floors! I am in love with natural and sustainable approach that Effeclean takes towards every product that they create the fact that it is made in Canada (right down to the box it’s shipped in), it’s Cruelty Free and the company truly stands behind their brand.”
“For anyone worried about how safe their cleaning products are, Effeclean offers a solution – quite literally – to keep dirt, grime and germs at bay. The Canadian company has created a unique line of non-toxic safe cleaning products developed specifically for use around infants and small toddlers, making your home environment safer during these delicate years.”
“I love the fact that Effeclean bathroom cleaner is something I’m able to use on all the surfaces of my bathroom. With a little man just learning to aim, I use it to clean the exterior of the toilet as well as for the toothpaste stains left in the sink.”
“I have a really massive dog that loves the outdoors. He goes out over a hundred times a day, rain or shine. My floors are constantly dirty thanks to him (and the kids, they help). I’ve been looking for a hardwood floor cleaner that not only cleaned my floors, but made them shine. Effeclean’s Eco Pet Cleaning Hardwood Floor Cleaner is that product!”
“After a good vaccuum, I busted out my hardwood floor mop and the Effeclean Eco-Baby Hardwood Floor Cleaner. I sprayed a bit of the cleaner on the mop, and lightly misted the spray onto the hardwood floor as I went. I was amazed by how clean my floors looked when all was said and done. The floors had a non-streaky shine. You couldn’t feel or see any remaining residue from the cleaner. The floors looked better than they had in a while. That says a lot.”

Don Walters, Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Hi Shyaan. I am extremely impressed with your new Eco Plasma/LCD screen cleaner. It’s easy to use, doesn’t streak and cleans exceptionally well. Great new product. Regards.”

Matt, Website designer and developer

“Owning many devices requires having many screens. I have three LCD monitors, an LCD television, phone and an old style tube television. I always find that over time they get dirty with dust, dirt, oil from my hands and other sources of dirt. Using Effeclean’s LCD / Plasma Cleaner, I find that all of my displays always have a streak-free, clean screen which helps bring out more vibrant colours and also keep my displays running longer. Effeclean also offered this product at a price lower than any other screen cleaner found at big name retailers. Thanks for the great product!”

Elizabeth Faria, Mississauga, Ontario

“Hi Shyaan, A friend of ours suggested that we use some Effeclean products, and now that’s all we use. We just finished up some renovations and all the products did a fantastic job with all the cleaning we needed to tackle. It’s feels good to make a positive move in preserving the environment. Great stuff.”

Steve Rawn, Guelph, Ontario

“Hi Shyaan, I was very impressed with the Effeclean Premium Rim Cleaner; this is a superior product when it comes to cleansing Rims of dirt, grime and brake dust. I found the product to be easy to use and did not have the toxicity and issues of breathing fumes of other products that I have used in the past. My rims looked night and day better after having used the product. My wheels looks ready for the show room.”

Raquel Almeida – Weston, Ontario

“I recently moved into my first house which has hardwood floors through the main floor. I used the Effeclean Eco hardwood floor cleaner and I must say it works great. Cleans up very well including dirt and doesn’t have a harsh smell at all. It’s great that I could use this when my toddler is around because it doesn’t smell, makes no fumes and there’s no film or residue at all. I feel safe knowing I can clean where my child is always going to be around without having to fear for Voc’s or toxic residues. I will try your plasma screen cleaner next.”

Adam Malik – Markham, Ontario

“Hello. I would like to let you know that your Effeclean Eco bathroom cleaner is great product. It cleaned everything quickly and easily. The cleaner got the counters, sink and bathtub nice and clean with minimal effort. No rubber gloves were needed, there were no fumes at all, no smell or residue left behind. It made such a remarkably different experience than using typical household cleaners. It’s a very good product.”
“The toughest thing for me is bathroom cleaning, because NOTHING ever works to get that soap scum out, smell or leaves my tiles shiny. I really find it hard to keep all 4 of my bathrooms clean without actually using chemicals. So here’s how the Effeclean bathroom cleaner worked. I sprayed the entire bathroom surfaces with the product, walked away for 10 minutes then came back to wipe down (typical of my routine). I have to say they scored pretty high for performance on this one. My bathroom was shiny, and clean without smelling like an overly perfumed old lady -just a hint of citrus. ”
“We have hardwood floors across our house. Not only that, but our living room is our main entertainment area for our baby and has dark hard wood. We love dark hardwood but anyone who has it knows, that stains, dust and dirt is very visible. Regular maintenance is a must. However, with a little baby who is curious and wants to crawl around (and in our case, attempt to walk), we don’t want harmful chemicals around them. That’s why we are thankful for Effeclean. We also have a Yorkie with incredibly sensitive skin (a puppy mill survivor) and when we use the floor cleaner, it does not bother her little paws.”
“The Ecobaby Hardwood Floor Cleaner is fragrance free and since my little ones spend so much time playing directly on the ground, I did a floor sniff test and was pleased with the absence of scent or residue. The floors were clean, just how I like them.”
“The Ecobaby Hardwood Floor Cleaner is fragrance free and since my little ones spend so much time playing directly on the ground, I did a floor sniff test and was pleased with the absence of scent or residue. The floors were clean, just how I like them.”